Our Policies

We would like to work with you in order to provide your dancer with the very best dance environment and instruction. NO VIDEO OR PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME DURING ANY CLASS! Please review the studio policies outlined below:

In most cases, make up lessons are available. Dancers may make up missed lessons by attending another class of any discipline. You must take your make up lesson within 4 weeks of your absence. It is the responsibility of the parent and student to ask for missed class notes. No refund will be given for unused lessons.

You are responsible for providing your dancer with the proper dance shoes and dance attire. If your child chose soccer, they would require cleats. Dance is no different. We will not provide borrowed shoes for forgetful dancers.
pink ballet shoes, pink tights, black leotard, hair in bun
Hip Hop:
sweat pants, break-away pants, shorts, comfortable top, tennis shoes
jazz pant, biker short, dance top or leotard. Tap, jazz or ballet shoe
leotard, tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes
leotard, biker short, hot short, fitted top. Acro shoe or bare feet

ABSOLUTELY NO JEANS ALLOWED! For all classes, hair must be tied in ponytail. Hair must be in secure bun for ballet. If you forget your dance shoes or clothes, your dancer will not participate in class.

By enrolling my student, I understand that my student and I are committing to the dance season through the annual recital. Students need to be present each week for class; your commitment indicates that dance is a priority. Extended absences will result in dismissal from class. 

The quickest, most effective way for us to communicate to you is through e-mail. Please check your inbox regularly for studio news and updates of current events. We also will use Facebook for quick current updates.

Each student will come to class on time, with a positive attitude and ready to learn. Each student and parent is to conduct themselves respectfully. Unsupportive, negative behavior by either student or parent will not be tolerated! NO WAITING inside the studio for dancer pick up.

NO food, drinks or gum are allowed in the dance rooms except water. Every dancer should have a water bottle with them at all times.

Tuition is due by the first lesson of the month, payable via cash, check or credit card.  Some lesson payments will fall in the same calendar month. There is no extra charge for a five week month and there is no credit/make up given for holidays. You are responsible for $25 late fee for payments received after the first lesson of the month.  Any attendance during a month constitutes a full month's tuition.  Monthly tuition is mandatory until the studio has received a written request of cancellation.  NO REFUND will be given for unused lessons.  There is a $40.00 returned check charge for any checks returned by the bank. Annual registration $25.

At this time, observation of classes is only done virtually.  Please email the studio for the class link if one is not provided to you.

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